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Governing Cx through Line-of-Sight

To learn more about Cx Solutions available through onVector, including:
  • Organizational Cx Readiness Assessments
  • Enterprise Alignment and Cx Standards Development
  • Touchpoint Identification and Journey Mapping
  • Channel Audits and Touchpoint Assessments
  • Targeted Touchpoint Renewal and Improvement
  • Cx Governance Solutions

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Bob Champagne is Managing Partner at onVector Consulting. Bob has over 25 years designing and delivering performance management and governance solutions at the Enterprise and Business Unit levels of the organization. Bob can be contacted at or through LinkedIn at 
onVector’s Line of Sight solution suite has been utilized by its client organizations to establish the critical linkages between strategies, initiatives and KPI’s; enabling better alignment, higher levels of performance and a faster path to ROI. onVector’s Line of Sight methodology has been adapted to facilitate the unique management and governance needs of many strategic initiatives across the organization, including Customer Experience.
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