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The Case for Better Cx Governance

 Ideally, many of questions we’ve posed would have been answered (at least in part) before the initial ramp-up of their company’s Cx investments—enough so that we’d at least be seeing some regular tracking of progress metrics (beyond basic activity tracking and monthly project updates), and we’d know with some clarity which strategies were working and which ones needed course corrections to keep our ROI projections on track.

But for many companies, even those with “mature” Cx initiatives in place, the answers to these questions are often shallow and lack the specificity and rigor that the size of these investments should command. And in some cases, there is no answer—just the sound of, well, … crickets.

As intuitive as it may be to continue investing in Cx (after all, who wouldn’t invest in better customer service?), the absence of good answers to the above questions, and the lack of credible results and measureable successes create doubt in the future of these programs. And the risk of Cx being just another passing fad (think reengineering, six sigma, Lean, and the myriad of other buzz-word programs that were sent to an early grave) looms large. Unfortunate, given the momentum so many of us have generated through our early investments in Cx renewal.

What we’re really talking about here is a lack of basic governance. The number of Cx programs that possess the types of measures and tracking systems necessary to efficiently manage and deliver on their Cx commitments is far less than the number of new Cx investments and initiatives that are announced everyday by companies across the globe. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that effective Cx governance is neither costly nor necessarily complicated to put in place, particularly when compared with the size and magnitude of what companies have spent to date on their Cx program in the form of customer surveys, focus groups, touchpoint and journey mapping exercises, and “big data” analytics. But it does require that you make it a focus and priority of your Cx program, and assign to it an importance commensurate with all its other critical activities. >>Next>>

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