The Performance Perspectives Top 10

Here is a list of our top 10 posts sorted by readership since we began publishing “Performance Perspectives” in 2006…


Tips for Metric Hoarders The common problems associated with having too many KPI’s, and some tips for “pruning back” and better focusing your metrics portfolio


To Meet or Exceed Expectations  A short primer on target setting, and the appropriateness of trying to always trying to “beat expectations”


Line of Sight Performance Management Creating that elusive linkage between your strategy, and your day to day activities, initiatives and business priorities


Followers, Klout, and Social Butterflies  Navigating the maze of Social Media performance measures and their impact on your business results



When Did Common Sense Go Extinct? How to recognize it when our service processes fail the basic “sniff test” of common sense, and how to realign to your customers basic expectations


Customer Engagement and Efficiency How to prevent these from being conflicting and opposing objectives, and begin treating them as the synergistic and complimentary goals that they are


Beyond Measurement and KPI “Tracking” Getting beyond simple KPI tracking and focusing more on the drivers of execution of your plan


Managing Through the Rear-ViewMirror How to re-orient your performance management system toward a more forward looking perspective of business performance


The Pursuit of More Integrated and Unifying Performance Management                                 How to truly “balance” your scorecard around your custom drivers of business success


Overcoming a Low-Bar Performance Mentality  The difference between simply maintaining performance and driving real breakthrough and sustainable performance improvement
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