Line of Sight to Workforce Alignment

Maximizing Workforce Alignment and Engagement

When balanced scorecards focus on the employee and workforce dimensions of performance, they are usually geared to measuring the employee “contributions” (productivity levels, staffing availability, safety compliance, and turnover rates) to the central processes of the organization, namely those dealing with operating, customer, and financial domains of performance.

But truly balanced and effective scorecards and performance management systems view the “employee and workforce” domain of performance much more holistically by bringing into focus areas like succession planning, change readiness, employee engagement, workforce adaptability and key competency depth.

onVector can help you not only bring these new perspectives to your corporate performance management program, but also help manage the process of mobilizing, aligning, and engaging the workforce to the objectives of the enterprise and key business units.

Among the services we provide in this domain:

  • A comprehensive framework for measuring and managing workforce readiness, alignment and engagement
  • Change readiness assessments
  • Workforce skill and competency inventories
  • Leadership alignment and coaching
  • Organizational assessments and restructuring for performance alignment