About onVector

25 Years of proven experience in Performance Management and Optimization

onVector Consulting is a professional services firm, delivering a comprehensive suite of Performance Management and Improvement services to a variety of industry groups across the world. We have worked with hundreds of marquis firms, including many Fortune 1000 companies, as well as a number of well-known organizations from the Public Sector. Our key to success has been a central focus on creating sustainable value for our clients, achieved largely through a powerful suite of innovative and highly targeted solutions.

Our primary objective is to create the most efficient and effective solution set possible. Unlike many larger consulting organizations who thrive on the length, size, and “billability” levels of their engagements, we measure our success by the degree to which our clients become systemically more capable and effective over time. We believe it is not the dependency on a consultant that defines success, but rather the degree of competence and self sufficiency we enable within and across our client organizations.

While there are many areas in which we support clients, we believe the following four are the most critical for building sustainable, long-term value:

  • Aligning the organization around a set of core values and a well-defined and articulated business strategy
  • Establishing a clear Line of Sight between your strategy and your day-to-day priorities/initiatives
  • Maintaining an active focus on measuring, tracking and communicating performance drivers and results
  • Putting in place a rigorous process for capturing and sustaining the gains derived from ongoing business improvements

This methodology, combined with a dedication to matching the right team, tools, and approach required to solve your unique business and performance challenges, is what sets us apart, and will increase your likelihood of success!