Our Performance Management solutions are customized to the unique environment and business objectives of each client.


Our clients represent a mix of industries, functional/business process areas, and geographies. We work primarily with senior executives and their leadership teams on a variety of customized assignments.

Our project arrangements are structured around the unique project needs and  required commercial protocols of our clients, but generally can be structured in one of four ways:

  • Fixed-price engagements — Flat-fee agreements (with or without inclusion for travel expenses) based on a pre-negotiated scope and specified outcomes and deliverables
  • Time and expense projects — Used for projects with less defined scope, in which onVector invoices the client for time charged at our normal billing rates.
  • Monthly retainer agreementsProvides a minimum level of monthly client support at a fixed monthly amount, provided under a discounted rate structure to accommodate support required by the executive and his/her team. This provides the client with more predictability for budgeting purposes, but enables the client to increase support levels under the same discounted rate structure.
  • Subscription services — Many of our tools and dashboard solutions can be procured on a subscription basis, and paid via monthly or annual billing. Fees for these can also be embedded into a fixed-price, all-inclusive project fee, should the client prefer.

These commercial frameworks can be customized to match the unique objectives and constraints of the sponsoring executive, as well as the specific type of project or engagement proposed.