Line of Sight to Operational Excellence

Increasing the Focus and Performance of your Asset Management Program

One of the biggest divides we observe in organizations is the gap between the operational priorities of the business and those comprising the customer, product, and financial drivers of the business.

Often, the operational priorities of the business carry the most significant weight given the impact they can have on everything else. Reliability breakdowns in product delivery caused by operational failures can have immediate negative impact on customer sentiment, and can sometimes have devastating financial impact. To avoid these, we usually put the majority of our dollars behind making sure this never happens, and if it does, that the negative effects are minimized.

But we also live amidst the reality of capital and financial constraints, which require that we constantly make informed judgments and tradeoffs with respect to where and how we spend resources. Performance management can be an effective link in focusing your operational strategies, and optimizing your asset management program to deliver the optimal contribution of benefits to your corporate objectives.

Among the services that onVector provides to operational and asset management executives:

  • Integrating operational and asset management objectives into your corporate performance management framework
  • Defining measurable contributions for your maintenance and turnaround investments
  • Modeling  investment proposals to define the optimal/least cost investment portfolio to achieve your business goals
  • Facilitating capital planning processes to best reflect operational benefits within corporate funding constraints
  • Developing a suite of leading and lagging indicators and metrics to help your team monitor investment performance, identify deviations from plan, and deploy necessary course corrections
  • Assisting in communicating investment results, outcomes, and value delivered to corporate planning and financial stakeholders