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Governing Cx through Line-of-Sight

If the above recipe for Cx governance feels a bit like motherhood and apple pie, it’s probably because to a large extent it is. In many respects, it’s “Management 101” and should be applied to any major initiative or program within a commercial enterprise, and at the enterprise level itself. Unfortunately, as new project investments and priorities ebb and flow across the business, the importance of this basic management practice is often pushed aside in lieu of the firefights and priorities of the day.

Today, many Cx programs, especially those in early stages of evolution are at risk- not because of what they are doing, but because of what they are NOT DOING. By not focusing equally on the governance processes and activities required to manage and sustain their Cx investments, they risk unwinding much of the momentum they’ve created and are ultimately putting the future of their program in jeopardy.

Don’t let that occur in your Cx program. The strongest Cx programs are those that make governance a top priority, and yours should too. Start today by asking the tough questions that many of your executives and board members are already asking …

  • What does success look like?
  • How will we measure our progress?
  • When we be able to demonstrate initial success?
  • How and when will all this translate into tangible ROI for the Business?

Let the answers to these questions be a catalyst for developing and guiding the development of YOUR Cx governance framework. >>Next>>

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