Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

A comprehensive and tailored suite of performance solutions for the enterprise and every part within.

Performance management is a discipline that applies to any organizational area where continuous improvement is the goal. Our targeted solutions allow companies to tackle specific challenges with the appropriate tools and solutions for the job at hand.

But for many organizations, performance management is about more than just addressing specific problem areas. It is both a culture and an organizational “lifestyle.” These organizations are the ones we think of when we hear phrases like “culture of accountability,”  “managing by the numbers,” and “rapid change.” For these organizations, embracing performance management as a core process of the enterprise (as important as the operations themselves) is a deliberate choice.

Some start simple—a few key deployments in high-priority areas that generate quick wins to build upon. For others, the implementation follows a more deliberate plan that helps minimize failures and optimize results. Both paths have a history of success, with many examples of companies demonstrating significant and sustainable performance improvement.

Whichever path you choose, onVector provides the services to help you jumpstart the journey and effectively navigate the challenges you will encounter along the way.

  • Performance management training and learning (training at both executive leadership and manager levels, best practices, peer site visits)
  • Comprehensive assessments of your company’s existing performance management environment and infrastructure (KPI’s, reporting processes, systems, PM skills and culture, reward systems, metrics and initiative alignment, etc)
  • Development of enterprise performance management architecture, design of tiered/ cascaded measurement frameworks
  • Approaches for gaining and maintaining leadership and key manager alignment to the organizations performance architecture
  • Design and deployment of IT solutions for reporting and analysis (broad based BI implementations to smaller and more targeted dashboard solutions)
  • Target setting support (challenge forums, workshops, comparative benchmarking)
  • Unique approaches to process change that help institutionalize more effective analysis, problem solving, and rapid deployment of solutions
  • Alignment with appraisal and reward systems