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Lately, most of my writings on Enterprise Performance Management (i.e. performance measurement, business intelligence, change management, continuous improvement (and the myriad of other topics that fall within the realm of performance management), have revolved around the impact and implications that EPM has on Customer Service.

It’s only natural to me, since I’ve spent such a large part of my career in this space, and I generally believe that the “customer facing” functions and processes (be it call centers, customer storefronts, CRM, marketing, sales, etc.) are the most fertile ground for business change. Why? Because it is the one area that generates some of the highest “value” for the Enterprise (for obvious reasons), is perhaps the most dynamic in terms of change, and generates some of the largest opportunities for business improvement.

Some of theses posts are based on my personal experiences and lessons learned, while others are quite specific and serve as practical applications for applying “best practices” in the Performance Management and business improvement arenas.

Therefore, I’ve decided to create a post with links to just those articles that Customer Service topics, so that you (the #CustServ  crowd on Twitter for example) will have an easy reference to them. Feel free to bookmark this page in the event you want a handy reference to either refer back to, or to browse any of my new posts on the topic. I’ll do my best to keep this updated, and will try to make sure my old posts on the topic are referenced here as well. Alternatively, if you’d like to DM me on twitter @bobchampagne , I’d be happy to add you to an email distribution I maintain for my specific CS posts.

I hope you find this reference useful and convenient for you.


PS- the reason I included the image of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue is not because I feel that an investment like this is required for good CS (in fact most of their stores are quite simple in their layout and function), but because to date, they still represent for me a good “standard”  or bogey for what we should all be striving to achieve.

Below are the links to the CS Posts (in reverse chronological order):

Those are the ones from 2011 thus far. I’ll go back and add the older ones soon. For now, the above should serve for good “light reading”. Hope you enjoy!!!

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