About Line of Sight Performance Management

About Line of Sight Performance management

Line of Sight is a simple but powerful approach to business improvement. Based, in part, on the adapted principles of TQM, Lean, and Rapid Change approaches, Line of Sight enables companies to effect the right changes, at the right time, in the right way to achieve a sustainable and high level of business performance.

Simply stated, Line of Sight performance management creates clear and visible links between the goals and objectives you are trying to achieve, the measures and metrics that will help guide you toward those outcomes, and the activities and initiatives occurring daily at the work-face.  Most importantly, it provides a set of navigational aids to maintain that focus throughout the pursuit and achievement of your business goals.

Whatever metaphor you choose—a radar vector that guides a pilot to a safe landing on the

runway, or a rifle scope that brings a target into focus—the concept of Line of Sight performance improvement brings with it a guidance system whose purpose is nothing less than the achievement of your desired business result. And it is this powerful management concept that is at the core of onVector’s approach to business performance improvement.

Critical elements of the Line of Sight approach to business performance management include:

  • Defining and clarifying the business priorities and/or turnaround objectives of thecompany, business unit, or process area involved
  • Aligning the organization around specific and measurable goals and objectives
  • Identifying and measuring the suite of cascaded metrics that best enable those outcomes
  • Implementing the right tools to monitor compliance with targets
  • Creating the awareness and skills necessary to identify gaps, trends, and deviations from course
  • Enabling the ability to quickly deploy and mobilize course corrections in real time
  • Providing the skills and systems to manage those improvements to completion
  • And structuring a feedback system that enables timely information on these course corrections across all managers and stakeholders in the Line of Sight progression